Pixies Of The Forest slot machine review

Pixies Of The Forest slot machine online is a thrilling game developed by IGT that conveys the nostalgia of childhood innocence featuring your favorite childhood characters. With stunning graphics, incredible bonus features, mesmerizing soundtrack and Pixies Of The Forest free slot offers an unforgettable gaming experience! Read on to learn more from the Pixies Of The Forest slot review.


The gameplay when you play Pixies Of The Forest slot, envelops you in the magic and mysteries of the magical forest. Each spin of the reels takes you to a magical world where you meet familiar characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf and fairies.

The slot has a classic structure with five reels and an amazing 99 paylines. This means you have plenty of ways to win by combining symbols on the lines. The symbols in the game are carefully designed to fit the theme, including mushrooms, magical crowns and other magical creatures from the forest.

To immerse yourself in this magical world, the minimum wager is just $0.30, making the game accessible to a wide range of players. If you feel confident, you can increase your bet to a maximum of $60 and increase your chances of big winnings.


One of the interesting features in Pixies Of The Forest is Tumbling Reels. After each win, the symbols that make up the winning combination disappear, and new symbols "fall" in their place from the top of the screen. This opens up the possibility of multiple wins in a row from a single spin, increasing your chances of big winnings and creating a thrilling gaming atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in the magical forest and explore its mysteries with Pixies Of The Forest slot game. Colorful symbols, exciting features and potentially big winnings will create an unforgettable gaming experience for all lovers of excitement and magic.

Bonus Features

Pixies Of The Forest slot game offers players a number of exciting bonus features that add to the excitement and opportunity for even bigger winnings. One of these is the Fairy Queen bonus feature, which can be activated at random. When this bonus is triggered, the player gets up to 10 free spins, giving them the opportunity to increase their winnings without additional bets.

Another exciting bonus feature is the Enchanted Wins. Similar to the Fairy Queen bonus, it can be randomly activated during play. This bonus provides the player with up to 15 free spins, which increases the chances of significant winnings.

The third bonus feature is the Pixie Queen's Treasure Chest. This bonus is also randomly activated and rewards the player with a random number of free spins, multipliers and bonus spins. The number and characteristics of these rewards depend on the treasure in the chest.

Bonus features in the Pixies Of The Forest slot machine online add interesting moments and increase the chances of big winnings. They create an additional opportunity for free spins that increase winnings, as well as unlock the potential for activating multipliers and bonus spins. All of these features combine to make the gameplay even more exciting and enjoyable. Pixies Of The Forest slot RTP is 93.95%.


Graphics and sound effects

The graphics and sound effects in Pixies Of The Forest slot machine are a true work of art that will grab you from the first moment. Every detailed element of the game creates an incredible atmosphere of a magical forest.

The graphic effects are gorgeous and stunningly beautiful. Animated characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf and fairies come to life on the screen and give the game a special charm. The lush forest presented in the background is full of details and bright colors, creating an amazing feeling of being in a world of magic. Each symbol on the reels is also executed with great care and aesthetic taste, making the game visually appealing and exciting.

The sound effects in Pixies Of The Forest slot machine fully correspond to the magical theme of the game. The mysterious soundtrack lifts the mood and adds mystery to the gameplay. You will hear the sounds of nature, magical sounds of witchcraft and effects when falling out symbols on the reels. All this creates an immersion in a magical world and adds atmosphere to the game.

The combination of visual and sound effects in free Pixies Of The Forest slot machine creates a unique gaming experience. They work in harmony to immerse you in a fantasy world and give the game extra appeal. From the vivid and detailed graphics to the lively and exciting sounds, every component of the game is created with loving attention to detail to make your gaming session unforgettable and as engaging as possible.

Pros and cons

Pros of

  • Stunning visuals and animations;
  • Exciting bonus features;
  • Fun soundtrack;
  • Relatively low betting range.


  • Payouts for symbols can be low.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Pixies Of The Forest is a slot game that will attract you with its charm and beauty. It combines classic gameplay, stunning graphics and exciting bonus features, making it appealing to a wide audience of players. Pixies Of The Forest slot RTP payout ratio is 93.95%.

Pixies Of The Forest slot download and dive into a world of magic and mystery where every spin can bring you amazing winnings and an unforgettable experience. Get ready for pleasant gameplay with magical symbols, a lush forest and an exciting soundtrack. Free Pixies Of The Forest slot machine is a game worth diving into and experiencing the magic of game spins.

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