Jumanji slot overview

For an exciting and rewarding slots adventure, Jumanji slot machine is the perfect choice. Based on the classic 1995 movie starring Robin Williams, the Jumanji slot will take you on an exciting journey through the enchanted jungle in search of big winnings and fun. This Jumanji slot review details the features, rewards and overall playability to help you decide if this fast-paced and exciting slot is worth your time and money.

Jumanji slot review

Jumanji slot machine, developed by NetEnt, offers an exciting gaming experience with an exciting theme based on the popular movie Jumanji. The game has five reels and 36 paylines, which creates plenty of opportunities to form winning combinations.

One of the attractive features of the Jumanji slot is its graphics and sound design. The game fully immerses players in a jungle and adventure atmosphere, with beautifully designed symbols that reflect various elements of the movie, such as animals, game board and characters. Spectacular animations and effects create a unique gaming experience.

One of the key features of the Jumanji slot game is its bonus features. Various bonus rounds can be activated during the game, including the “Predators” feature. In this feature, additional raptor symbols appear on the reels, which turn random symbols into wild symbols and increase the chances of winning.


Another exciting feature of the Jumanji slot is the Free Spins bonus round. When this round is activated, the player gets a certain number of free spins with additional Jumanji slot machine bonus features such as additional wild symbols and increased winnings multipliers.

Jumanji slot game also offers an exciting “Random Functions” feature that can be activated during the main game. This feature can provide extra winnings, extra spins and other Jumanji slot machine bonus that increase the chances of big payouts.

Overall, the Jumanji slot offers an exciting gaming experience with interesting themes and plenty of opportunities to win. Thanks to the high Jumanji slot RTP and average volatility, players can enjoy both small and large payouts. Jumanji slot demo modes and real money games make this game accessible to players with different experiences and preferences.

Graphics, Sounds and Animations

Jumanji slot online features vivid graphics and high-quality sound effects that really match the original movie. All the characters are presented in cartoon form and look just as realistic as in the movie. No less remarkable is the soundtrack of the slot, which consists of several classic songs on the theme of Jumanji.


The main attraction of Jumanji slot online is its enormous generosity of potential rewards. With 36 paylines and multipliers, there's every opportunity for big winnings. The biggest win comes from the monkey symbol, which pays 500 coins on a roll of five such symbols on an active payline. The other symbols pay prizes ranging from 50 coins to 300 coins.


Game Features

Jumanji slot Netent has several highly lucrative game features that make the game that much more exciting:

  • Sticky Vines. When this feature is activated, vines hanging from the reels cling to the symbols and hold them firmly in place while the other symbols spin. This gives players a chance at more paying winning combinations. 
  • Monsoon Wilds. In this feature, two randomly placed stacks of wild symbols, consisting of at least two wild symbols, fall on the reels at the same time, giving players a chance for bigger winnings. 
  • Monkey Mayhem. This feature randomly shuffles symbols and creates guaranteed winning combinations.
  • Wild Stampede. Up to nine wild symbols appear on the reels simultaneously when this feature is randomly activated. 
  • Free Spins: Get four free spins with one of the four available features at least once per spin.

Overall Gameplay

Jumanji video slot Has exciting and unique gameplay. Wilds, features and free spins are dropped almost constantly, which helps make the game exciting and addictive. Many players consider this game to be a medium variance game, which means you can build a decent bankroll without betting too high or too low.


Jumanji slot is an exciting and addictive game that offers great potential for big winnings and plenty of fun. With great graphics, exceptional sound effects and a generous feature set, players can be sure that this slot will provide hours of exciting play.

Jumanji slot is an adrenaline and action packed slot that takes players on an enchanted journey through the jungle. Offering huge rewards, exciting graphics, unique features and very user-friendly play, Jumanji slot provides a rewarding and exciting experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, Jumanji slot free play - A great choice for an exciting and rewarding gaming experience.

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