Lucky Tiger Slot at Highway Casino


Lucky Tiger slot is one of Highway Casino's most popular slots, which is not surprising. This slot has a lovely design designed in the Chinese style, which many users like. Also, a very user-friendly interface, which makes it very easy to enjoy playing the slot. 

Of course, these are not all the advantages of this slot. Also, this slot has a relatively high RTP, which will appeal to experienced players. Huge variability will not leave even indifferent newcomers to online casinos. And the unique features will please even the biggest skeptics of this slot. That is why many online casino Highway users love to spend time spinning the reel of this particular slot.

Lucky Tiger Slot features

The developers of slot machines always give their products unique features. This applies to the free Lucky Tiger slot. We suggest you learn about all the features of this slot machine. 

Among the features of this slot is that it is well suited to both beginners exploring the world of online gambling and experienced players. This is due to an incredibly well-thought-out system of bets, lines, and additional chips.

The RTP of the slot is about 97%. It allows you to make good money at a proper level of luck and with a properly thought-out strategy. The minimum bet on this slot is $ 0.1, and the maximum bet can be around $ 20. The rate can be adjusted in increments of $ 0.01. You can also adjust the number of winning lines on this slot. The more lines, the fewer chances to lose and the less winning. 

All this makes a lovely slot, but that's not even all. Next, we will analyze the unique features of this slot:

  • Cumulative winnings - when you get a win in a given slot, it doesn't end there. You can continue to increase your winnings simply by continuing to spin. If you keep getting lucky and you get winnings after winnings, they all accumulate, and then you get the total of your winnings that you win;
  • Free Freespins - you get lucky and have a chance to get free spins. You don't have to do any particular actions for this. Just among possible winnings may be free spins. Maybe you get the long-awaited jackpot;
  • Playing Lucky Tiger slot online, you are participating in the Highway Casino progressive jackpot, so it makes sense to bet higher. The more you wager, the more you hit the jackpot, and therefore the better your chances of winning the jackpot. Sometimes this amount can be unbelievable.

And with all this, every user can find advantages with this slot. For this, you can use the basic version of the games. But if you are afraid to bet for real money, we recommend using the access mode.


The Game Play

You may have a question as to how to play this slot. For you, we decided to create a little instruction:

  1. Go to the official website of Highway Casino and log in with your username and password.
  2. In the list of selections of slots, find the Lucky Tiger slot usa.
  3. Replenish your balance if you want to make money playing in the casino.
  4. Make your bet, and choose how many lines should be active. And start spinning the drum. But remember, the more active lines you have, the less you win.

The Lucky Tiger slot game is played on a 3x3 field, which gives you a great chance to get your winnings. But let's see what symbols are involved in the draw.

The most frequent but also the least profitable symbol is a ticket. It can fall as a single, double, or triple. He has standard winning odds of 0.2x-0.6x. Next in profitability is a circle. If you fall in a combination of three circles, multiply your winnings by the standard coefficient of 1x. Next come the tigers. There is a black, white, and red tiger. For a combination with three black tigers, you get 1.5x to your winnings, for the white tiger 2x, and for the red one 2.5x.

But the most profitable and the rarest symbol is the statue of a golden tiger. By getting it, you will get a factor of 5x to your winnings. 

When playing the Lucky Tiger slot review, remember the standard guidelines for winning at the casino:

  • Never play while intoxicated. It makes you less focused on the game, you lose concentration and make more rash decisions;
  • Remember to take breaks in the game. This will keep you cool. You will make fewer mistakes in the game;
  • Do not try to win back from the casino. You better go to the casino next time. Perhaps then luck will be on your side. Otherwise, you risk losing your entire balance.

Following these simple guidelines increases your chances of making nice money playing slots. So go in and try it out right now!

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